An Innovative Approach

Bringing the latest ideas and architecture to the table

No Company is Too Small or Large

We consider ourselves benefit architects, using proprietary, proven strategies to help you better manage your costs and time associated with your benefit programs, no matter how many employees you have.

Our experience and capabilities reach across and beyond the full spectrum of group health employee benefits. From design and roll-out, to annual renewals, Southern Benefit Systems can help.

And, our ongoing HR and Administration Services also save our clients time and money, while keeping their benefits compliant with stringent regulatory requirements.

Southern Benefit Systems can help with long-term solutions and strategies designed reduce and stabilize your costs without sacrificing the quality of your benefits and life for your employees.

Ready For a Better Approach?

We’re not your average broker with traditional cookie-cutter plans! Start working with the industry’s only architecturally-based benefits solution and request a FREE evaluation of your existing benefits structure. We’d be happy to see how much money and time we can save you on your employee benefits programs.

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Our Approach

Today’s businesses face tough financial and regulatory challenges that can’t be solved with traditional carrier plans and broker services. No matter size, we take a new approach that applies the models big companies’ use, and tie in expert technology and vast resources to employers help solve even their most challenging benefit issues.

Our Partnership Advantages

We are partnered/affiliated with the most trusted Benefit & HR authorities in the nation, offering clients access to innovative solutions designed to increase the effectiveness of their benefit programs.

  • Benchmarking and Actuarial Analysis – National and state level statistics and trends relating to employer based health, wellness, voluntary & other benefits.

  • Claims Utilization Analysis – Better understand cost drivers and develop more cost effective long-term strategies.

  • Funding Review and Contribution Modeling – Determine what plan type, funding method and contribution structure best meets your company’s long-term objectives.

  • Private Exchange – CDHP designed to get employers out of the healthcare business and give employees more flexibility and benefit options.

The Gibson & Associates Advantage

Collaborative Experience, Market Insight and Negotiating Strength

As the largest private agency within the Gibson & Associates family of agencies, we are part of the largest independent General Agency in South Carolina, serving 1000+ business in South Carolina, having more than 100,000+ employees insured.